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Hi, I'm Jeremiah

My background is in Advertising, Marketing, and Content Creation as an Art Director, DP, and and Digital Production specialist. He holds a BFA from Kendall Collage of Art and Design.


I have worked on various animation production for broadcast in New York and remotely for international productions. More recently I was with Biggs | Gilmore now VML and produced rich, digital experiences for mobile, web, social, broadcast, and experiential marketing across many of the agencies brands. 


I have worked with various partners, creative's, producers, directors, and developers from around the world, collaborating and giving direction to the teams while keeping the projects creative, and business goals on track. He is a 'yooper' that knows how to get things done.


I currently work as a Content Creator at Big Event Studios in Grand Rapids Michigan.


Jeremiah Johnson

7124 Belmont Ave NE

Belmont Michigan 49306

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